How to improve your immune system

Not only in coronavirus times we should be thinking of ways how to improve our immune system. There are quite a few misleading information about how to fight certain diseases. You can hear politicians saying, that we need vaccinations. You can read in newspapers, that we need vaccinations. The opposite is, that immune system is getting weaker by vaccinations.


But then If you think it through and read some useful articles, for instance studies, or interviews with biologists, with immunologists or doctors, you might find new and more useful information. One of them definitely is, that if you improve your immune system, you are much less likely to get cold, flu, coronavirus or even a heart attack. But how to do this? Here are some tips:

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  • Enough of sport or movement – do not forget, that also a walks are movement. You need a movement, that makes you feel comfortable with yourself. If you can´t run or go to gym, try to start a different activity like swimming, long walks etc.
  • Cold showers – A cold shower a day can Improve your immune system unbelievably. Already after one month of having a cold showers your immune system gets improved
  • Sauna – visiting a sauna once in a week is proven to be a natural prevention against virus types of flus and colds. Plus the virus can´t get spread around due to high temperature.
  • Stress relief – stress is definitely one of the immune system killers. Due to stress you are more likely to get cold, flu, angina or even much more serious diseases. But how to feel more relaxed when everything and everyone around you is tensed? Protect your free time. Try not to work besides your working hours. Spend some time with your friends. Meditate. And get a full erotic massage prague. You can combine very pleasant, sensual and sexual experience, that will help you to forget about all the stress after a long day.